Hi Mandy,

I would like to Thank You for spending time to explain about your services in detail with me on Tuesday. It helps me to understand more about Ticor services and dedication. I would like to share with you that Mr. Charle Tran has been a great agent who get in touch with the Vietnamese and Chinese community. He has been meeting with me very often so I refer business to him (Ticor ). " He IS THE BEST OF THE BEST". " NEVER GIVE UP ON ME". He has great people skill and it shows throughout the years. I had just close a deal with Ticor as an Escrow last week. This is a very complicate and difficult case. You staffs make it happened in such a  so smooth way. Agnes Yip was very helpful during the transaction. She responded quickly to all my emails response, phone conversations and alert me what is happening next. " I JUST LOVE IT ". Vivian Duong also assisted me in coordinate with the seller to make sure that we close on time. " SHE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL STAFF". I enjoy working with your staffs and I will refer more business and getting more closing with Charle Tran as well as Ticor soon. Thanks for the bottom of my heart. Outstanding Job performance!!! Deal Close!!!  Commission check receive !!! ALOHA and MAHALO!!!!!!!


Phillip A Long

Windermere Real Estate/RNT

Hello, Chau,
Your team is wonderful.
Please send me 3 more of your business cards so I may give to my
If possible, please add 3 business cards of Agnes Yip, too.