Multicultural Division


Multicultural Team Employee Spotlight

Chau Tran
Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam 
Current Residence: Brier, Snohomish County 
High School/College: US Military English In Vietnam, 1969 
Years with Ticor: 8 1/2
Food: French, American and Vietnamese 
Color: light blue Music: 60-70 Rock 
Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness 

My Most Prized Possession: My memory of April 28, 1975, when the Southern Vietnam, Saigon fell. With chaos in the cities, I had to make a choice in ten minutes to leave everything behind in Vietnam and take the risk to seek The Freedom at sea. Linh, at the time was my girlfriend. She made the same decision though she was with her family. Seven months after we arrived in the United States, Linh and I were reunited through the assistance of the Red Cross. On April 30th of every year, I always take a moment to tell my lovely wife, Linh, I made the right choice in my life to resettle in America, land of freedom and forgiveness. THE RIGHT CHOICE… IS MY CHOICE!

Charles is a professional and a truly nice guy. I admire his patience and persistence. His clients are fortunate to have him looking out for them. He always has their best interests in mind and takes extra care to make sure all of their questions are answered. Ticor is lucky to have him on their team! Reid Vance, Title Officer, Renton
Chau Tran is one of the most friendly, helpful people you’ll ever meet. He loves the United States as much as the most patriotic people born in this country. Chau’s life story of how he fought in the Vietnam war to defend his country, how he was re-united with his fiancé (who became his wife of 30 years), is something everyone should hear. It will make anyone who lives in this country have a lot more respect for the freedom that many of us take for granted. His accomplishments continue to impress me, with the way he has grown his business in just a few years. He is a man of integrity, charm, and is an inspiration to everyone around him. Scott Farrell, Branch Mgr. & Marketing, Ticor Title Bellevue
Chau is an individual that I truly respect and admire. He lives by his ‘Four P’s’: Positive Attitude, Persistence, Punctuality and Physical Energy. His motto is “Promise a lot and Deliver even more!” With that mindset I can certainly understand why he has been so successful at Ticor. It’s fun to watch where he will take Ticor next. Marci Dray, President/Mgr. Ticor Title, King & Snohomish Counties